MayYou might have noticed that I’ve not been around this month, which is annoying when so much has actually been going on that I could have written about.

My new laptop (only 2 months old) suffered a colour malfunction and half the screen turned green and pink, making it impossible for me to work properly (read: play Castleville on Facebook). I sent it off two weeks ago and it came back today with a note that they had to replace the LCD screen! Thank goodness for product warranty.

I did go online on Badgerman’s computer but it took about 10 minutes to load and froze constantly. I am simply not patient enough to suffer through that every day.

In the meantime, May happened. It was eventful and I could write all about it now, but it feels too much like old news. Instead, I’m going to make a list.

  • Little Girl started to crawl and is now going up and down the shallow steps to the garden, pulling herself to standing, walking whilst holding on to furniture and looking very much like a poor little prisoner standing in her cot wailing to get picked up because she doesn’t want it to be bedtime at 8pm.
  • Eurovision happened. I love the Eurovision Song Contest with its bad 80’s songs, terrible outfits, awkward presenters and political voting, and it did not disappoint. Two thoughts though: the Russian grannies should have won and Engelbert Humperdink was flippin’ awful, which is just as well since we’ve got enough on our plate paying through the nose for the Olympic Games.
  • I voted online in the first round of French Legislative Elections (voting for the Northern Europe representative at the Assemblée Nationale – which I think are a bit like MPs), which was fab and easy. If they could do the same for Presidential elections, I would be perfectly happy. Even if Java played up and I had to spend half an hour re-installing an old version to make it work, on Badgerman’s crap laptop.
  • I played and sang at a wedding for the first time in about five years, which was very stressful and a lot of fun. It’s a whole different ball  game to carry around amps, keyboards and guitars when you also have to fit a baby in the car.