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I want to teach my kids resilience

key life skills to teach kids: resilience

  I’ve had mental health on my mind a lot this season. My previous post highlighted some personal stuff from the last year and a half, and I also went through a period of burn-out in the late noughties that was only resolved when I had to take a break with maternity leave. Commuting to […]

Potty training reflections

potty training

Everyone has a potty story to curl the toes of most child-free persons and not a small amount of card-carrying parents. In the next few weeks and months, I am going to embark on another potty training adventure with Luciole and I am not particularly relishing the thought, considering how long-winded an affair it was with […]

Potty Training is my personal parenting ...

Potty Training is my personal parenting hell

photo credit: Kalexanderson via photopin cc All parents face one or more challenges that present more of a problem to them than others for completely obscure reasons. For me, potty training is that seemingly insurmountable hurdle. Breastfeeding was bone-achingly hard at first but I had a good handle on how it worked, why I was having problems and what […]

My two pence on Frozen

My two pence on Frozen

Photo from wikipedia WARNING: If you’re one of the 2 people who haven’t yet seen the film, this post contains spoilers for the 2013 Disney movie Frozen. Much virtual ink has been spilt already over Disney’s most recent animation ‘Frozen’, how beautiful it looks, its catchy songs, its lovely depiction of sisterly affection, its message […]

Courageous Parenting: stepping away from...

Courageous Parenting: stepping away from the comparison wars

A couple of days ago, I reviewed Brené Brown’s book Daring Greatly. It was an engaging and deeply challenging read, and I was so impacted that I decided to devote a couple more posts to discussing the contents. Brown spends an entire chapter addressing Wholehearted parenting and has many wise and challenging things to say about our […]

French Parents Don’t Give in – A Book Re

French Parents Don’t Give in – A Book Review

A couple of years ago, when the book ‘French Children Don’t Throw Food‘ was published, I reviewed the accompanying Wall Street Journal article by the author Pamela Druckerman. I didn’t disagree with everything but I had a number of ‘issues’ and I had a bit of a rant. It turned out to be one of […]

Life With Two Kids

Life With Two Kids

Life has been crazy over here chez la Frog. Pregnancy did its usual thing of taking over my brain space so that there was no room left for anything other than ‘and the next day… And the one after… And the one after that…’. Not that anything terribly wrong happened, just the usual horrors of […]

A week of new things

A week of new things

Parenting has a strange rhythm. Sometimes nothing happens for ages and then you get weeks like the last one when lots of interesting things happen all at once. In her own room! Last week was half-term and we finally moved Little Girl to her own bedroom. I felt emotional about it for about two seconds, […]

French Parents, Food Throwing and Learni...

French Parents, Food Throwing and Learning To Be Patient

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon this Wall Street Journal article entitled ‘Why French Parents are Superior’. It is an adapted extract from Pamela Druckerman’s recently published book ‘Bringing up Bébé: One American Mother Discovers the Wisdom of French Parenting.’ The UK version is entitled ‘French Children Don’t Throw Food.’ I’ve not read […]

Warning: I have Boring Mum Syndrome

Warning: I have Boring Mum Syndrome

Oh dear… I have become one of those mums. You know the type: they just don’t stop boasting about their children, pictures in hand, until their interlocutor’s eyes glaze over and you know they are thinking ‘I don’t ever want to become this boring, I am NEVER having kids!’ The thing is, I thought I […]

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