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Classic French recipe: Gratin Dauphinois...

Classic French recipe: Gratin Dauphinois {day sixteen}

I love a good Gratin Dauphinois, I mean, what’s not to like about potatoes and cream with a hint of garlic and a beautiful melted cheese on top? It is one of my favourite comfort foods and works brilliantly as a side to most types of roast meat, especially beef. I usually serve it as a […]

A wedding anniversary and another excuse...

A wedding anniversary and another excuse for a big meal

Today is Badgerman and my 3rd wedding anniversary and thanks to Little Girl, we had a delightful lie-in until 6.30am. Not the best start but then the sun was shining and Badgerman treated me to a beautiful notepad, chocolate, Italian salami and cured magrets de canard; that is, cured duck breasts. The man does know the […]

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