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The 2nd language problem that doesn’t ge

language problem

You would think that after 18+ years in England, I would have pretty much faced all the language issues I ever would and I’d be able to draw a line under ‘English language skills’. I dare say my skills are pretty advanced at this stage (apart from ‘mysterious accent that comes up from time to time’) […]

Language Development and Bilingualism

Language Development and Bilingualism

  source One of the many questions a parent may ask themselves when trying to raise a bilingual child is: ‘will my child be at a disadvantage?’ ‘Will his understanding be delayed?’ ‘Will she be able to advance at the same pace because of having to learn two languages or more?’ The answer to all […]

In which a French person replied to me i...

In which a French person replied to me in English

The French Market was back in town this weekend. It was advertised as such but it would be more accurate to call it the International Market, as there were Italian and Spanish stalls too. There was no bakery either, which is near sacrilegious and not very French at all! As per usual I lurked around […]

Dodgy French in books

Dodgy French in books

Novel writers occasionally like to use foreign language to convey the fact that their character is in or from another country. Unfortunately these writers often don’t research said foreign language in any depth before sending their work to the printers – or so it seems to me. Some you can tell have tried hard to […]

Fraises et framboises a la crème de whis

Fraises et framboises a la crème de whisky

Samedi dernier, amis à la maison, et comme j’aime bien cuisiner, je prépare un menu bien sympa. Mais c’est le manque total d’inspiration pour le dessert et je décide donc de sortir mon ami le plus cher, le magazine de cuisine.  L’édition Juillet 2010 me vante les vertues d’un dessert, apparemment “le plus facile, mais le […]

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