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Classic French Recipe: crepes {day twent...

Classic French Recipe: crepes {day twenty-three}

I am very excited to share this French crèpes recipe with you not only because crèpes are delicious but also because I know, from bitter experience, how difficult it can be to make a lump-free batter. I grew up watching my mother make crèpes; they never failed and so I now use the same technique […]

Classic French Starters: Vinaigrette & O

Classic French Starters: Vinaigrette & Oeufs Mimosa {day nine}

For our first classic French recipes of the month, I wanted to feature traditional French starters that you would be unlikely to eat in a restaurant but would be quite standard fare at home. Today’s vinaigrette recipe is easy and quick to make, and goes brilliantly well with Oeufs Mimosa and grated carrots. Oeufs Mimosa Recipe Ingredients one […]

How to cook like the French {day five}

How to cook like the French {day five}

French food and French cooking don’t have to be complicated, and that’s a promise. If I managed to learn how to cook from scratch having never boiled an egg before my 21st birthday, anyone can do it. My aim today is two-fold: one, to reassure you that you can learn how to cook French food and […]

Inside a Franglish Pantry: Lardons

Inside a Franglish Pantry: Lardons

I was cooking a Boeuf Bourguignon for Sunday lunch last week and the smell of lardons frying in the pan reminded me how much of a staple item it is in France and how frequently I use them in recipes. Lardons are basically diced smoked bacon, which you can buy in most if not all […]

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