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The 4 Stages of Culture Shock: A Franco-...

    If there is one thing that all expats have in common, it is the experience of culture shock. Put two displaced people together and they will soon be commiserating and bonding over some funny story from their first few months in the country. Culture shock is an unavoidable and necessary aspect of moving abroad. Let’s face it, we […]

My Writing Process Blog Tour

Picture by Alejandro Escamilla I was rather astounded the other day when Muriel, who blogs at French Yummy Mummy, invited me to participate in the #mywritingprocess blog tour. She writes humorous yet insightful stories about the hazards of being a French woman in London and even had an article in The Times, so you know, between […]

Argumentative Me – personality style or

Argumentative Me – personality style or cultural bias?

Someone I looked up to once said about me that I was argumentative, and also “it must be because you’re French“. I could tell from the way it was said that this was a complaint about my character. Despite the fact that it was many, many years ago, it has kept cropping up in my mind time and time again, […]

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