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Day 15: March 2020 and the new normal

This is new normal under lockdown in March 2020: weird stuff missing from the supermarket, physical distancing, fear and a multitude of acts of kindness.

Day 7: anxiety

Today’s been a hard day. I miss normal life. I miss not being afraid. I miss people and talking and going out. Nothing particular has happened, I’ve just been tearful and lonely all day. I fought off the temptation to switch off, go back to bed and hide and I’ve just tried not to show […]

Covid-19 Diary Day 3 & 4 – no biscuits

Day 3 – Dear Diary, no one should have to homeschool children whilst also trying to fit in 7.5 hours of work. I’m not humanly possible. And what’s worse? No biscuits in the house.

Day 1 and 2 – the beginning

Yes I am going to be super creative and totally unique and keep an isolation diary so you can all see inside my tediously mundane life. One day we can all look back and observe the gradual unravelling of my consciousness into raving madness as it is ravaged by the relentless demands of bored hungry […]

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