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31 days to love all things French {day t...

31 days to love all things French {day thirty-one}

Bonjour! This is it, the final day of my series on how to Frenchify Your Life. 31 days of actually finishing something I cannot believe I managed to post every day for 31 days about France. When I first started, I thought I would get really stressed half-way through and give up. I was convinced I would […]

Sleep like The French {day twenty-two}

Sleep like The French {day twenty-two}

This blog post idea comes courtesy of my husband Badgerman, who said “surely you should write a post about sleep, after all the moaning you do about it and British windows”. He’s heard me complain often enough about blinds and windows and poxy cream curtains that let all the light in to know my sleep […]

Classic French Books for Children {day t...

Classic French Books for Children {day twenty}

For this post, I have had to search my memory for French books for children that impacted me when I was growing up. It was a tough task, but let’s not linger on the state of my neurons and instead look at what books French children are most likely to grow up with, though school […]

The Truth about Frogs and Snails {day ni...

The Truth about Frogs and Snails {day nineteen}

When I was preparing for this series earlier this year, I asked people on my Facebook page if they had any questions about the French that they would like answered, and one of the things that came up was: why do the French eat frogs and snails? That’s a good question, which is just as […]

Famous French Quote #3 {day eighteen}

Famous French Quote #3 {day eighteen}

Chaque homme est coupable de tout le bien qu’il n’a pas fait. Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do. Voltaire, writer and philosopher (1694-1778)

French Beauty Secrets {day seventeen}

French Beauty Secrets {day seventeen}

The French have a reputation for producing world-renowned beauty products, some of which you will be familiar with, and others less so. There are so many fantastic French products, I’ve tried to choose the most helpful links I could think of, but I’m sure I will have missed many! In supermarkets, you will find typically French brands […]

Celebrate the year French-style {day fif...

Celebrate the year French-style {day fifteen}

A common idea about French people is that they have a lot of holidays, and it’s one of the few that is actually true. Most French people get five weeks holiday a year by law, and surprise surprise, they often take the bulk of them during the summer in either July or August, hence why French […]

How to think deep thoughts like the Fren...

How to think deep thoughts like the French {day fourteen}

To be able to think like the French – well, you probably can’t unless you went to school in France, as it’s ingrained into you in the way that you are educated, a bit like the daily singing of the national anthem in the US. But you can try, and here is how: We are all shaped […]

A Beginner’s Guide to French Literature

A Beginner’s Guide to French Literature {day thirteen}

I love books and I will read most things but I suffered through a French education that pretty much destroyed my enjoyment of classic French literature by making me read and critique Really Depressing Books (in capitals because omg the hopelessness). There are so many French authors though, both classic and modern, covering pretty much every subject […]

Famous French Quote #2 {day eleven}

Famous French Quote #2 {day eleven}

Le principal fléau de l’humanité n’est pas l’ignorance mais le refus de savoir. The scourge of humanity is not ignorance but refusing to know. Simone de Beauvoir (1908-1986)

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