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I am very glad you found your way here and I hope to make it worth your while, primarily by not hounding your mailbox with posts every day, not that I could do it if I tried (too many other things to do, and of course ‘quality over quantity’ and all that)!

The aim of this blog, aside from being a fun project for me, is to have a little glimpse in the mind of a fairly typical expat French woman who is no longer new to the whole expat thing, having lived abroad in the UK now for nearly as long as I have lived in France. I am fully immersed in the English way of life, and so I find it fascinating to look at France’s peculiar ways from a weird French/English hybrid perspective. I look at those funny ways specifically under the Cultural Differences heading of the blog, but they might also creep into the Lifestyle section, which is about the whole of life from my perspective as a not-quite outsider to both cultures, as well as updates about whatever is going on in my personal life.

First Things First

Do visit my About Me page and discover the who and why of this blog as well as links to my most popular posts, and my personal favourite posts, which funnily enough are not the same at all!

It’s all about the Food

This said, I am still very French in my unconditional love of food, and so you will find a lot of French, English and hybrid recipes, not least the French apple tart below, which tastes as good as it looks.

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Add a Little ‘Je ne sais quoi’ to your Life

In 2015, I joined in a blogging challenge called ’31 days’, and wrote every day for the entire month of October on one subject: How to Frenchify your life, which is, in true English-fashion, a made-up word for ‘learn about France and the French and get lots of links and recommendations’. I am very proud of myself for completing the series, and I hope you will find at least a little bit to enjoy about the topics I touched on.

31 days to discover France

How to Contact Me

And finally, I always welcome suggestions, questions and comments (comments are my favourite!) and I hope you will enjoy being part of my little community of France enthusiasts. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr, and of course, you can always email me at

Happy Reading!