{day one} Introducing 31 days to Frenchify your life

A few months ago, I was doing so well with the blog that I decided I’d like to take on a blogging challenge. I’d come across the 31 Days writing challenge before and it sounded like the kind of ludicrous dare only a masochist would take on, or, I guess, a wanna-be-writer, but definitely not me. I did like the idea of having a one-subject focus over a series of posts, and it must have stayed with me because here I am.

Here I am, on this fair October 1st morning, to formally welcome you to my 31 Days of writing. As of today I am joining with hundreds of other bloggers to post something every day for the whole month of October. Needless to say, I’m worried. I hate to see my inbox stuffed with loads of uninteresting filler blog posts and I can imagine most people are the same. I’d rather read one interesting, intelligent post a week than seven boring ones. Now I can’t and won’t promise that every post this month is going to feature fascinating writing of the life-changing variety. One thing I can promise for sure, it will be entertaining and I hope you will, by the end of the month, know at least one fact about France and the French that you didn’t know before.

Ah yes, the theme I settled on has to do with France, because duh, check out the blog header. I have chosen a pretty broad theme and so for the next 31 days we are going to look at all the little ways that you can add a little French flair to your day-to-day, how you can Frenchify Your Life, if you will. If you love France and you wish you knew a little bit more about the way that French people do life, the products we use, the books we read and the films we watch, the things we eat and drink and how we think about life, love and the world, this is the month for you.

My intention over the next 31 days is to help add a little ‘je ne sais quoi’ to your life with facts, tips, recommendations and a healthy dose of links, so that you too can Frenchify your life with the best of them. Hopefully some of you will be motivated to try your hand at French cooking for the first time, some to read a book by a French author, watch a French film or even pick up your dusty French textbook with renewed enthusiasm. I can dream!

This said, if France and the French aren’t your cup of tea, there are still hundreds of other 31 Days series starting today on a huge variety of topics. So if you want to get inspired, check out the 31 Days website by clicking the picture below or in the sidebar on your right, and get reading!