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Classic French Recipe: Tartiflette {with...

French Tartiflette recipe

The traditional French Tartiflette is one of those dishes that are pure comfort food. Made with potatoes, lardons, onions, white wine and Reblochon cheese, it just oozes warmth and cold weather comfort. It’s absolute heaven as far as I’m concerned, but then I could live on cheese and potatoes. It is a recipe that originates from […]

Classic French Recipe: Daube Provençale

French recipe daube provencale

  daube: meat that is braised then stewed in wine (culinary) Not to be mistaken for ‘C’est de la daube’: is slang for ‘it’s sh*t’, as in ‘it isn’t worth anything’  I was going through my French cookery books looking for inspiration for a classic French stew recipe and found this one called ‘Daube Provençale’, which sounds […]

French chocolate mousse recipe to die fo...

French chocolate mousse recipe

Last time I tried to master the chocolate mousse was a disaster. I couldn’t make the ‘mousse’ part stick and it ended up being more of a custard. But it is a staple of French cooking and I felt like I was letting the team down; you can’t claim to be any kind of decent French cook if you […]

Classic French Recipe: Sauteed potatoes ...

Classic French Recipe: Sauteed potatoes with persillade

I have an unapologetic addiction to potatoes in all their forms, and one of my favourite dishes is simple sautéed potatoes, but I had never made them with a persillade before. I don’t know why, as it doesn’t get more ‘classic French recipe’ than potatoes and parsley. Before you start worrying about how complicated this recipe is […]

Classic French Recipe: Tarte aux pommes ...

Classic French Recipe: Tarte aux pommes {day thirty}

One should never under-estimate the power of a good picture. To conclude my 31 days series, I was all set to make my favourite dessert, a delicious puff pastry filled with frangipane (almond cream) and black cherries. Then I posted a picture of a French apple tart (the aforementioned Tarte aux Pommes) I made at the weekend […]

Classic French Recipe: crepes {day twent...

Classic French Recipe: crepes {day twenty-three}

I am very excited to share this French crèpes recipe with you not only because crèpes are delicious but also because I know, from bitter experience, how difficult it can be to make a lump-free batter. I grew up watching my mother make crèpes; they never failed and so I now use the same technique […]

Classic French recipe: Gratin Dauphinois...

Classic French recipe: Gratin Dauphinois {day sixteen}

I love a good Gratin Dauphinois, I mean, what’s not to like about potatoes and cream with a hint of garlic and a beautiful melted cheese on top? It is one of my favourite comfort foods and works brilliantly as a side to most types of roast meat, especially beef. I usually serve it as a […]

Classic French Starters: Vinaigrette & O

Classic French Starters: Vinaigrette & Oeufs Mimosa {day nine}

For our first classic French recipes of the month, I wanted to feature traditional French starters that you would be unlikely to eat in a restaurant but would be quite standard fare at home. Today’s vinaigrette recipe is easy and quick to make, and goes brilliantly well with Oeufs Mimosa and grated carrots. Oeufs Mimosa Recipe Ingredients one […]

Ginger Banoffee Pie Recipe

Ginger Banoffee Pie Recipe

  It seems that September has turned my mood to food more than usual. I’ve been rather bored by my regular recipes and I’ve been poring over cookbooks to find new autumnal inspiration. In the process, I made a Banoffee Pie yesterday. I’m more of a pastry girl myself, but Badgerman loves his creamy desserts and I couldn’t remember the last […]

Boursin-stuffed chicken wrapped in Bacon

Boursin-stuffed chicken wrapped in Bacon

  We eat a lot of chicken in our house and sometimes I get a little bored with my regular recipes. The Boursin chicken recipe I’m going to share below was cooked up by my good friend Lozza and it has been mentioned so many times in my circle of friends that it has turned into […]

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