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How to think deep thoughts like the Fren...

How to think deep thoughts like the French {day fourteen}

To be able to think like the French – well, you probably can’t unless you went to school in France, as it’s ingrained into you in the way that you are educated, a bit like the daily singing of the national anthem in the US. But you can try, and here is how: We are all shaped […]

5 French Expat Blogs you should read {da...

5 French Expat Blogs you should read {day eight}

There are a lot of French people scattered around the world, and a lot of us blog in English. This makes them, I guess, French expat blogs. Us expats/immigrants/whatever-the-hell-we-are have transitioned from the traditional French person to a multi-cultural hybrid, and you just can’t box us in anymore. We ain’t quite the real deal any longer, […]

Eat and stay slim like the French {day t...

Eat and stay slim like the French {day two}

There is a myth floating about that the French, and French women specifically, are able to eat just about anything and not put weight on. If you think about it, it’s a little ridiculous as myths go. French people do not have special magical powers, a better metabolism, a secret fountain of youth or special […]

England Saved Me From a Life of Crime

England Saved Me From a Life of Crime

That’s right. Moving to England literally saved me from a life of crime(s)… against fashion. A persistent stereotype about French women is that we are all born with an innate sense of style and that, with the gift of glamour at our fingertips, we just effortlessly tumble into our clothes and make them look, and here’s […]

‘Adultery can save your marriage’ Say Wh

‘Adultery can save your marriage’ Say What?

There is this idea about French married people, that they all have affairs at some point in their life and no one bats an eyelid. It is a stereotype, it is not true.

Grappling with Charlie

Grappling with Charlie

  I’ve sat on the news of the horrific attack on Charlie Hebdo for the last week, unable to untangle a multitude of conflicting thoughts and feelings. That anyone can commit this sort of violence unflinchingly is not something you can easily get your head around, and there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that can excuse such a barbaric […]

Christmas Day Menu, Franco-British Style

Christmas Day Menu, Franco-British Style

  Our Christmases are small affairs. Just us and the girls, with one or two extra guests for Christmas Lunch, usually people from church who have nowhere to go for the holiday. We spend a leisurely morning with the girls eating breakfast and opening presents, then our guest arrives and we sit down for lunch […]

French Christmas Eve Traditions

French Christmas Eve Traditions

  In my early years in the UK, I usually went back to my parents at Christmas so I rarely experienced a full-blown British Christmas. The couple of times I did however, it was glaringly obvious that the UK and France don’t have the same traditions AT ALL when it comes to Christmas Eve, a few […]

The 4 Stages of Culture Shock: A Franco-...

    If there is one thing that all expats have in common, it is the experience of culture shock. Put two displaced people together and they will soon be commiserating and bonding over some funny story from their first few months in the country. Culture shock is an unavoidable and necessary aspect of moving abroad. Let’s face it, we […]

I have ‘issues’ with the English pre-sch

I have ‘issues’ with the English pre-school system

    It’s no surprise to anyone who has spoken to me in the last few weeks that I can’t get my head around the English pre-school system. I really don’t get it: the whole way it is organised – or not organised – is a mystery to me. Before anyone thinks this is going to  be a ranty post […]

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