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The 2nd language problem that doesn’t ge

language problem

You would think that after 18+ years in England, I would have pretty much faced all the language issues I ever would and I’d be able to draw a line under ‘English language skills’. I dare say my skills are pretty advanced at this stage (apart from ‘mysterious accent that comes up from time to time’) […]

112 Gripes about the French: a book revi...

gripes about the French book review

I recently read this little treasure of a book, and I loved it so much I took photos to remember its fabulousness. You just know it is is going to be full of gold with a title like ‘112 Gripes About the French‘. It is a book that was, according to the introduction, given to every American […]

Are French spelling changes a sign of th...

Are French spelling changes a sign of the apocalypse?

  In case you were wondering, a heavy dose of sarcasm was used when deciding on the title for this post… We may have some time to go yet before the apocalypse is upon us, but I think it’s fair to say that almost nobody likes change and that people love to overreact on social media. When […]

Napoleon Bonaparte: friend or foe? {day ...

Napoleon Bonaparte: friend or foe? {day twenty-eight}

  When you’re an expat, people always want to ask you questions about things that you have literally never thought about before. That is, unless they just say things like ‘your accent is so cute!’, which may be well-intentioned and meant as a compliment but actually sounds SO patronising. Today’s just a fun post about this […]

French-style food education for children...

French-style food education for children {day twenty-six}

The French haven’t earned their reputation as food lovers and great cooks without doing something right somewhere. But as I have explained before, there is a cultural aspect that transcends simply ‘doing as the natives do’. Food education starts in infancy. The school canteen as an extension of Health Education I’m sure that most children, as […]

Famous French Quote #4 {day twenty-five}

Famous French Quote #4 {day twenty-five}

Ce que peut la vertu d’un homme ne se doit pas mesurer par ses efforts, mais par son ordinaire. The virtue of a man ought to be measured, not by his extraordinary exertions, but by his everyday conduct. Blaise Pascal, philosopher, scientist, theologian (1623-1662)  

French people don’t jump queues {day twe

French people don’t jump queues {day twenty-four}

French people don’t jump queues. They don’t tend to, and if they do, it is not well received and will likely result in the queue-jumper being passive-aggressively or directly rebuffed and sent to the back of the queue. What happens however, if that apart from clear instances where queueing is inevitable, like at the post office […]

Sleep like The French {day twenty-two}

Sleep like The French {day twenty-two}

This blog post idea comes courtesy of my husband Badgerman, who said “surely you should write a post about sleep, after all the moaning you do about it and British windows”. He’s heard me complain often enough about blinds and windows and poxy cream curtains that let all the light in to know my sleep […]

Children’s education: a comparison of En

Children’s education: a comparison of England and France {day twenty-one}

There are quite a few books popularising the idea that French parents have great ideas about education that lead to better-behaved children than the rest of the world. The way that French parents educate their children may have a different emphasis to other countries and some of the suggestions, whilst common-sense to a French person, might be […]

Celebrate the year French-style {day fif...

Celebrate the year French-style {day fifteen}

A common idea about French people is that they have a lot of holidays, and it’s one of the few that is actually true. Most French people get five weeks holiday a year by law, and surprise surprise, they often take the bulk of them during the summer in either July or August, hence why French […]

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