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31 days to love all things French {day t...

31 days to love all things French {day thirty-one}

Bonjour! This is it, the final day of my series on how to Frenchify Your Life. 31 days of actually finishing something I cannot believe I managed to post every day for 31 days about France. When I first started, I thought I would get really stressed half-way through and give up. I was convinced I would […]

Classic French Recipe: Tarte aux pommes ...

Classic French Recipe: Tarte aux pommes {day thirty}

One should never under-estimate the power of a good picture. To conclude my 31 days series, I was all set to make my favourite dessert, a delicious puff pastry filled with frangipane (almond cream) and black cherries. Then I posted a picture of a French apple tart (the aforementioned Tarte aux Pommes) I made at the weekend […]

Books about France and the French {day t...

Books about France and the French {day twenty-nine}

Today I am just going to recommend a handful of books about France that are more humorous than hard history, but that I enjoyed reading and found accurate enough.   The Secret Life of France by Lucy Wadham: I love this book; it is dry, astute and well-observed, and covers many interesting topics ranging from attitudes to […]

Napoleon Bonaparte: friend or foe? {day ...

Napoleon Bonaparte: friend or foe? {day twenty-eight}

  When you’re an expat, people always want to ask you questions about things that you have literally never thought about before. That is, unless they just say things like ‘your accent is so cute!’, which may be well-intentioned and meant as a compliment but actually sounds SO patronising. Today’s just a fun post about this […]

A Short List of French Films You Should ...

A Short List of French Films You Should Watch {day twenty-seven}

There are lots of intelligent and fun French films out there for you to enjoy, and all these below are in the original French with subtitles. A couple of French series The Returned (the original French series called ‘Les Revenants’, not the US remake), in which dead people come back to life in a sleepy alpine […]

French-style food education for children...

French-style food education for children {day twenty-six}

The French haven’t earned their reputation as food lovers and great cooks without doing something right somewhere. But as I have explained before, there is a cultural aspect that transcends simply ‘doing as the natives do’. Food education starts in infancy. The school canteen as an extension of Health Education I’m sure that most children, as […]

Famous French Quote #4 {day twenty-five}

Famous French Quote #4 {day twenty-five}

Ce que peut la vertu d’un homme ne se doit pas mesurer par ses efforts, mais par son ordinaire. The virtue of a man ought to be measured, not by his extraordinary exertions, but by his everyday conduct. Blaise Pascal, philosopher, scientist, theologian (1623-1662)  

French people don’t jump queues {day twe

French people don’t jump queues {day twenty-four}

French people don’t jump queues. They don’t tend to, and if they do, it is not well received and will likely result in the queue-jumper being passive-aggressively or directly rebuffed and sent to the back of the queue. What happens however, if that apart from clear instances where queueing is inevitable, like at the post office […]

Classic French Recipe: crepes {day twent...

Classic French Recipe: crepes {day twenty-three}

I am very excited to share this French crèpes recipe with you not only because crèpes are delicious but also because I know, from bitter experience, how difficult it can be to make a lump-free batter. I grew up watching my mother make crèpes; they never failed and so I now use the same technique […]

Sleep like The French {day twenty-two}

Sleep like The French {day twenty-two}

This blog post idea comes courtesy of my husband Badgerman, who said “surely you should write a post about sleep, after all the moaning you do about it and British windows”. He’s heard me complain often enough about blinds and windows and poxy cream curtains that let all the light in to know my sleep […]

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