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We eat a lot of chicken in our house and sometimes I get a little bored with my regular recipes.

The Boursin chicken recipe I’m going to share below was cooked up by my good friend Lozza and it has been mentioned so many times in my circle of friends that it has turned into a bit of a mystical beast. A few had tasted it during a round of postpartum meal rotas and raved about it. Others, like me, had only heard just how tasty and easy to cook it was, and I thought it a bit unfair to have to listen to the tones of near reverence of those who had been lucky enough to try the dish.

Anyway, I had all the ingredients at home last week, so I thought I would give it a go. I reached out to the author herself and she confirmed there’s really nothing to it. Despite the presence of Boursin, it’s not a strictly a French or British recipe, instead, we are making a foray into European cuisine, darlin’.


Boursin chicken recipe ingredients


  • Four chicken breasts (or boneless thighs)
  • One garlic & herbs Boursin
  • smoked streaky bacon, enough to wrap around each piece of chicken
  • 150 mls chicken stock


  • Pre-heat the oven to 190°C.
  • Slice a side of the chicken breasts into a pocket and put a generous spoonful of Boursin (or just open the thigh and roll it in).

Boursin chicken recipe Step 2


    • Wrap bacon around the chicken tightly to keep it closed.

Boursin chicken recipe Step 3


    • Place the chicken in a casserole dish.
    • Pour the chicken stock over the meat.
    • Close the lid tightly over the dish and bake for an hour.

Boursin chicken recipe Step 4


  • Serve with Dauphinoise potatoes, new potatoes or rice and some green vegetables of your choice.

I wasn’t sure how the girls would respond to a garlic-flavoured cheese but they both devoured it and asked for extra sauce. It’s fair to say this recipe was a complete success and I am adding it to my regulars. Thank you Lozza!

Even better, there is still half of the Boursin left…

Boursin chicken recipe Step 5