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Welcome to my blog! My name is Pauline and I live in the South of England with my husband Badgerman and two daughters Little Girl and Luciole.

Born and bred in France, I moved to England at the tender age of 18 and have lived on its shores ever since.
I have learnt about pelican crossings, box rooms, crazy paving, toad in the hole and many stranger things that did not quite live up to their name. I have also learnt good things about fish and chips, drinking cups of tea, lollipop ladies and chockywockydoodah.

And along the way I discovered that it is possible to be French and not hate all British food, that it is OK to agree that French music really is bad and that I should really, really learn to pronounce rabbi and rabid properly because they are not the same thing.

One of the best bits about blogging is interacting with readers through the comments section. It’s a great morale booster to know someone was entertained by a post I’ve written, so if you thought anything was good (or bad!), just drop me a note!¬†Other ways to contact me are via email at, or simply follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr or Instagram.

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