3rd wedding anniversaryToday is Badgerman and my 3rd wedding anniversary and thanks to Little Girl, we had a delightful lie-in until 6.30am. Not the best start but then the sun was shining and Badgerman treated me to a beautiful notepad, chocolate, Italian salami and cured magrets de canard; that is, cured duck breasts. The man does know the way to my heart! We stuck to standard breakfast fare like porridge and cereals if any of you are wondering but I strongly suspect none of the lovely goodies will see the end of the week anyway.

I got him an iPod protection cover. A nice one, but we all know who got the best deal out of the two of us. I WILL NOT BE EMBARASSED.

I made up for it by cooking lunch. Well, I was going to do it anyway but that’s neither here nor there. Lunch was a decadent homemade affair as I cooked what is probably my personal food heaven: steak with a blue cheese sauce, gratin dauphinois and green beans. There is something about potatoes, garlic and cream that just speaks to me to the point that I could eat this dish every week and the only thing stopping me is the thought of all this cream settling on my hips until the end of time.

3rd wedding anniversary

A light lunch coz we ain’t greedy

Tonight will be more chilled cooking wise as we tuck into fresh bread, made by yours truly and by my favourite British supermarket: Waitrose (they do fantastic French style breads, I really can’t fault them and they have made my life in England that much more bearable food-wise), a variety of cheeses, olives and all that salami and duck, along with a green salad and plenty of wine.

After all that, we shall probably need a little lie-down.