street partyToday we celebrated the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee with a quintessential British street party: lovely neighbours, a mountain of finger food, Pimm’s galore. Followed by rain, a freezing cold wind, and more rain. Towards the end, I was wearing a fleece!

I severely overestimated people’s appetite, as did everyone else, so we are back home with nearly as much food as I left with this morning.

My contribution to the feast was British with a hint of French style-wise, consisting of goats’ cheese and tarragon scones with a cream cheese and chives dip, homemade Frankfurter sausage rolls, salade niçoise a.k.a tuna salad, a couple of cheeses, a couple of patés, four French sticks and a flan pâtissier a.k.a custard flan.

street party foodAnd finally, keeping the best for last, knitted by a very talented neighbour…

street party royal family