Stollen tasting

I invite you to join the Frog family in our annual* Stollen tasting extravaganza. Over the next two weeks, we will be conducting a rigorous yet highly subjective tasting experiment, in which we will eat Stollen from a variety of shops and makes; each cake will go through a series of tests and our findings will be posted online, with a 2011 winner announced in the New Year.

The Stollen tasting TEST criteria will be as follows:




Presentation/Attractiveness, from 0 = it’s a right old mess to 5 = ain’t it pretty

Amount of Icing Sugar, 0 = faint suspicion to 5 = who snowed on my cake?

Crumb Factor a.k.a moistness, 0 = falling to pieces to 5 = gooey goodness

Taste, 0 = meh to 5 = can you taste the cardamom/rum/hint of citrus peel in that cake?

Marzipan Content, 0 = no Marzipan to 5 = it’s a Marzipanaganza!

Nut and Raisin Content, 0 = it’s all dough to 5 = the perfect mix

Alcohol Content, 0 =  a teetotaler’s heaven to 5 = more, hic, Stollen please, hic!

Each Stollen will get an overall mark out of 5.

Mr Frog, who will from now on be known as Badgerman on this site, as a maths teacher will be tasked with working out the mean average. He is also our in-house Stollen expert and will have the last word on true Stollen goodness, although you will be informed if there is disagreement between us (it is my blog after all).

Stollen-Dresdner Christstollen

Dresden Stollen – Image via Wikipedia

*It is annual in that we did it last year, so it is a repeat. I suspect it might become a Christmas tradition of sorts.